† Cyrus

(Or Vanitas!)

6.30.99 / he + it / 🌈

Cancer ☼ + Aquarius ☽ + Scorpio ↑

Vampiric kaiju gijinka from Texas.

Interests + Notes + Contact

K-pop & related genres (more info), cassette tapes, I Told Sunset About You, Reply 1997, Animaniacs, kaiju movies & media, paleontology, aviation, lost/obscure media, dead/dying malls + retail, 90s/2000s/early 2010s culture; fashion and aesthetics, old tech + tech history, computers/computer viruses, toy + music collecting

TMNT, Transformers, tokusatsu, paranormal/unexplained phenomena, shortwave radio, ornithology + birding, rare/endangered animals, literature, linguistics, mythology + mythical/fictional creatures, ancient history, geology, TCGs, RPGS + JRPGs, video games, animanga, comics, cooking

Please don't use gender neutral terminology (i.e. enby) or they/them pronouns when referring to me; only masculine and feminine titles/terms. ("Isn't your secondary set dehumanizing?") This set so happens to click with me better than any others I've tested, so they don't feel that way at all to me. Read more about this here.

I don't really need anything tagged or blacklisted, but I kindly ask for you not to vent to me unprompted (especially if we're not close) nor @ or DM me to rope me into drama that I had no prior involvement in. I'm neurodivergent and both of these things are draining for me.

I don't always check up on my social media notifications and their respective timelines right away. If anything happens during my period of absence, your best bet for reaching out to me is Discord. See the "contact" tab for more info.

discord: x99306#3396 + email: [email protected]

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