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SIs: MDZS, K-pop, kaiju + tokusatsu movies & media, lost/obscure media, 90s/2000s/early 2010s culture + fashion and aesthetics, toy + music collecting (focused on collecting dolls + K-pop merch right now)

Major: Reply 1997, ITSAY/IPYTM, Digimon, Animaniacs, vintage cartoons, paleontology, aviation, lost/obscure media, dead/dying malls + retail, old tech + tech history, computers/computer viruses

Minor: TMNT, Transformers, Sanrio, shortwave radio, paranormal/unexplained phenomena, ornithology + birding, rare/endangered animals, literature, linguistics, mythology + mythical/fictional creatures, ancient history, geology, TCGs, RPGs, animanga

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Don't call me "queer" or use "smol speak" (gentlethem, enby, non-beanie).

Don't use tone indicators for me. /s(arc) and /j (or /hj) are fine.

I prefer to befriend people who are 18 or older. I'll more than likely softblock if you're under 18.

Leave me out of drama or discourse and don't vent to me unprompted, especially if we don't know each other very well.