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Hispanic vampire kaiju from Austin, Texas.

Interests + Notes

SIs: K-pop & related genres, various dramas (focused on Reply 1997 + I Told Sunset About You right now), kaiju + tokusatsu movies & media, lost/obscure media, 90s/2000s/early 2010s culture, fashion and aesthetics, toy + music collecting

Major: cassette tapes, Animaniacs, paleontology, aviation, lost/obscure media, dead/dying malls + retail, old tech + tech history, computers/computer viruses, toy + music collecting

Minor: TMNT, Transformers, Sanrio, shortwave radio, paranormal/unexplained phenomena, ornithology + birding, rare/endangered animals, literature, linguistics, mythology + mythical/fictional creatures, ancient history, geology, TCGs, RPGS + JRPGs, video games, animanga, comics, cooking

Please don't use "smol speak" for me, even jokingly (i.e. non-beanie, enby, gentlethem etc. I'm not non-binary, I'm GNC.). Don't call me "queer" either.

Don't use tone indicators for me. /s(arc) and /j (or /hj) are fine.

Leave me out of drama or discourse (especially if I had no prior involvement in it), and don't vent to me unprompted/without asking. I'm neurodivergent and both of these things are draining for me.

If possible, try to tag or refrain from mentioning car accidents, carbon monoxide poisoning, or CSA around me.